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Leverage integrated, consolidated & consistent customer data

Access all customer data through next4biz CRM integration:

  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems
  • E-commerce applications
  • Service management applications
  • Web forms
  • Spreadsheets and standalone databases
  • 3rd party or in-house developed enterprise applications
"Discover all there is to know about your customers!"

Track customer digital footprints

Track website visits, actions and preferred content of your customers. Measure their interest in your emails and offers.

Generate synthesized customer profiles that provide real insight and true value.

"Precisely identify your target audience with behavioral data!"

Manage digital campaigns

Create, launch and track emails, text messages, mobile push and web campaigns.

Set target audiences, create content, run campaigns, and analyze outcomes. All within a single, comprehensive and easy to use campaign management platform.

“Concentrate on the message, not delivery. Focus on analysis, not the tools!”

Automate marketing with business rules

Set up business rules and let next4biz CRM run continuous marketing campaigns for you. Let business rules respond to events and data change.

"Stop missing opportunities between campaigns, choose business rule driven campaign automation!”

Enhance opportunity management

Define sales process and identify sales steps. Perform full opportunity life-cycle management from generation and identification to closing. Record all customer communication on the way.

“Manage sales through processes, not through email!”

Foster collaborative teamwork to manage tasks efficiently

Use next4biz CRM to achieve efficient sales and marketing team coordination, marketing and sales project processes oversight, and customer or opportunity oriented task management.

“Bring customer orientation to the core of marketing!”

Implement marketing and sales processes without coding

Create customer databases, business rules and forms without coding.

Be agile. Adapt to change and keep your CRM current – no coding required.

"Success is measured in improved processes, not debugged code!”

Stay in the loop with flexible reporting and analysis

Flexibly report on all aspects of the marketing and sales process: Campaigns, behavioral analysis, sales forecasts, opportunities and performance.

“Act on knowledge, not conjecture!”

Profit from integration

  • Manage legacy system transitions.
  • Share data with other enterprise systems.
  • Interface with external systems for data push and pull.
  • Leverage data locked-up in spreadsheets and databases.
  • Interface with web forms.

From ERP systems to retail and e-commerce applications, from financial applications to other CRMs, integration is simple with next4biz CRM.

“Synergize your data universe with next4biz CRM integration!”

What You Need to Know About Marketing and Sales Management

The most important topic on the agenda of every organization today, large and small, from all sectors, is the customer-oriented digitalization of the marketing and sales processes. Easy and manageable marketing and sales processes require strong solutions in customer relations management. Next4biz enables you to write a success story by following the behavior of your customers, integrating your database and ensuring that you reach your goal by seamlessly implementing digital marketing campaigns. The resulting consistent customer data will make all of your sales and marketing processes more effective, and your sales and marketing activities will be carried out in accordance with regulations such as KVKK and İYS. Let’s take a closer look at Next4biz, a process-based Sales and Marketing Management tool that carries you beyond your competitors with its digital behavior analysis support.

In the data-driven world we live in, it is crucial that all customer data be consistent and gathered in one place. The inability to unify customer information stored in spreadsheets, customer service systems, e-commerce applications or ERP software is a huge problem for many organizations. Compiling and gathering customer data from online forms and social media along with data gathered via traditional methods can be a difficult process.

The Next4biz Marketing and Sales Management module integrates and consolidates the customer database, allowing you to utilize algorithms that are customized according to the defined priorities and rules to unify and store customer information from different sources in a simple, straightforward way. Next4biz is compatible with B2B, B2C and B2B2C business models and categorizes the data it gathers from all sources into four basic groups:

  • Basic Demographic Data: Traditional customer data such as location, age, gender and occupation
  • Transaction Data: The dataset of your customer’s relationship with your brand, consisting of data such as previous orders and service requests
  • Customer Scorecard: Calculable data such as lifetime value, churn probability, frequency of visits and average basket size
  • Digital Behavior Data: Innovative data that tracks your customer’s digital footprint

You can get to know your customer better with a database that integrates all of these datasets and provides special experiences under customer relationship management. The new data, with real-time updates to dynamic segmentation and customizable filters, enables you to create special campaigns for niche target audiences and appear before your customer at the right time with the right message. It’s up to you to develop effective marketing applications by integrating your consolidated database with your other corporate systems and increasing your operational efficiency.

In this era of rapid digitalization, all organizations are required to keep digital footprints of their customers along with traditional data. So, what does a digital footprint include? Digital footprint data is obtained from sources such as the pages your customers visit on your website, the content they review on your blog, the email campaigns they read, the links they click, the forms they fill out, the newsletters they subscribe to and much more.

The Next4biz Marketing and Sales Management module allows you to closely monitor these digital customer behaviors and turn them into functional data. This enables quick identification of those customers who have not made a purchase in a while, visited your website for the first time in a long while, opened your email, are interested in specific content, etc. Next4biz also makes it possible for you to create automated marketing and sales processes with tags you define by assigning work rules.

One of the key benefits of having a unified and consolidated database with data obtained through monitoring the digital behavior of your customer is the ability to create targeted digital campaigns. The Next4biz Marketing and Sales Management module allows you to manage all your digital campaigns from a single platform. You can quickly implement your digital campaigns in three easy steps, without requiring technical support:

1. Identify Your Target Audience: Identify your target demographic with dynamic segmentation and customized filters enriched by digital behavior.

2. Prepare Your Content: Send out your digital campaigns via email, SMS, IVR or mobile push messages. You can create a content pool for this and use pre-prepared campaign content. You can also use the source codes of the content you’ve prepared in a different environment by copying them as HTML.

3. Start Your Campaign: After defining your target audience, you’ll be able to create your campaign without needing to transfer data to another tool. Thanks to advanced sending algorithms, you don’t have to worry about the spam risk carried by batch emails while creating your digital campaigns. After completing the campaign, you can add the results to your digital behavior data and design new, creative campaign scenarios by analyzing the reports.

Marketing strategies are long-term, multifaceted and ever-changing dynamic roadmaps. The Next4biz Marketing and Sales Management module can be used to make your processes more effective and consistent. Event- and rule-based marketing automation can help you design how your customer relations management application should act in certain situations, and you can define automatic work rules for different scenarios. You can have your system take automated actions when there are changes in any of the values of the customer information thanks to the customer database, which is continuously updated from all data resources of your organization.

With Next4biz, it’s easy to create special automations connected to work rules for interrupted marketing and sales activities at every stage of the customer experience – with zero code required. Your marketing processes will also run more smoothly thanks to the database that is continuously fed information on your customers’ digital footprints. There are no limits to what you can do with event- and rule-based marketing automation. You can also design all these automations according to your own rules. For example, you can send a customized “Welcome” email to a user who subscribes to your e-newsletter via your website, ensure that a customer who’s inspecting a certain product on your website sees content that fits their interests and create a pop-up offer to chat with a customer who’s watching your ad video.

Periodic event automation enables you to do things like wish your customers a happy birthday or send a reminder email to customers whose warranty is about to expire. Thanks to defined rulesets, Next4biz marketing automation ensures that you offer the right product at the right time to the customer. For example, with work rules that you can define per customer requirements, you may offer a carseat to the customer who bought newborn diapers from your e-commerce website. Thus, you can continue the marketing communication automatically at every step of the customer experience.

It is critical to record all forms of communication with your customers and implement effective marketing strategies to take the right action at the right time. The Next4biz Marketing and Sales Management module lets you design a fully personalized opportunity management process and closely monitor every step of the process from first contact to meetings, from offer to agreement. In the process of turning prospects into customers, the marketing funnel (which you can create via drag and drop, without zero technical support) will help you to easily identify areas for improvement and take action. For example, when a sale opportunity has been put on hold, if the customer clicks on an offer that you sent previously, Next4biz automatically reports this behavior and can automatically assign a task to the relevant sales representative to contact the customer again.

Next4biz can be used to effectively manage marketing and sales projects as well. The Marketing and Sales Management module allows you to add all kinds of details to customer cards, from email traffic to tender and agreement postings, thus monitoring all processes chronologically. Thanks to this corporate-memory-boosting feature, team coordination and work follow-up is much more effective. The Integrated Task Management module enables you to assign tasks to team members and stakeholders and easily coordinate the entire process. You can add notes or documents to the opportunities you create or manage transactions such as submitting a contract on a single screen.

Thanks to digital footprint monitoring, you can design different work rules for different scenarios and design automated actions depending on changes in a specific situation. Creating automations for many manual tasks will save you massive amounts of time while contributing to your sales success. Making detailed filters and creating targeted tags allows for highly efficient task management with the help of these tags. You can follow the stages of all operations using the customer card. Next4biz’s functional modules make the planning phases much easier, facilitating the creation of smooth and sustainable workflows and prediction of sales volume and profitability.

Measuring the performance of all actions that you take and making necessary improvements for sustainable and predictable marketing and sales processes is imperative. The Next4biz Marketing and Sales Management module allows you to closely monitor, measure and analyze your overall performance, and thereby improve all processes.

The module allows you to analyze digital behavior, such as discovering which digital campaign is more likely to turn into sales, which customer segment is more interested in certain content and much more, and also provides you with detailed reports. You can use existing Next4biz report templates, or you can integrate the reports with your corporate system by creating your own tables.

While the use of technology is important for every organization, when you are dependent on constant IT support, your operations can be disrupted and you may not be able to move at the speed you’d like. Next4biz allows you to design user interfaces, databases, digital campaigns, sales processes and much more according to your needs and to make whatever updates you’d like without requiring technical support. Our no code architecture empowers you to design your own software with zero coding knowledge and to make necessary changes rapidly. You can add new fields and filters to your marketing and sales tool, improve your digital campaigns and design surveys and forms.

Next4biz’s easy integration into your enterprise applications and systems is another benefit, further reducing dependence on IT support. Enjoy an up-to-date and integrated database in every area with two-way integrations that are completed quickly thanks to the API layer. If you’d like, you can use your own applications over the Next4biz platform and manage all of the processes from a single screen.

Next4biz, which is a local marketing and sales management software, keeps all customer data in our data centers in Turkey. The data are not stored or processed abroad, per the Law on Protection of Personal Data of Türkiye (KVKK). Next4biz, which secured its KVKK compliance with ISO 27701 and BS10012 certifications, also has Message Management System (İYS) integration. Next4biz is subject to regular audits every year, so you can rest assured that your organization is compliant with the law in all your marketing activities.

The Marketing and Sales Management module of Next4biz answers the needs of all business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, etc.) and is the choice of hundreds of organizations from different sectors. Get in touch with Next4biz today to facilitate your customer relationship management processes and make your customer experience journey flawless with our target-oriented approach!

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