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How flexible is Next4biz?

You need different category trees and a constantly updated infrastructure to serve the customers of 300 brands. We provide monthly updates based on the business results we have obtained with Next4biz, and we work every day to strengthen the bond between brands and their customers. As the Customer Communication Center, we bear full responsibility and manage this agile transformation. Read More
Ali Sevinç
Customer Contact Center Senior Manager

In our minds, we were overwhelmed by the idea of consolidating customer data from various systems and managing it in a single architectural structure. We are now able to create new sub-segments that inspire more creative campaign ideas with each passing day, as well as conduct more in-depth customer analyses. We achieve great results with a small team thanks to Next4biz's business rules automation. Read More
Savaş Sancak
CRM Manager

We design interfaces and define processes ourselves thanks to Next4biz's management panel. We handle all tasks such as user management, authorization, SL tracking, and reporting without requiring technical assistance. We manage all customer requests on a single screen since Next4biz is integrated with our other systems. Read More
Ömer Kasım
CRM Senior Executive

We focused on providing services to our policyholders through digital channels, especially during the pandemic. In this process, we carried out all the adaptations ourselves as a business unit, putting no additional strain on our already overburdened IT teams. While digitizing the entire customer experience, having a flexible infrastructure like Next4biz provided us the reflex to develop solution scenarios that change instantly based on daily conditions. Read More
Barış İnan
Marketing and Customer Management Digital Channels Executive

There are two important facts about today's digitalizing business world: Constant change and speed. We are both a B2B and B2C company. To stay one step ahead of the competition in these two main business areas by adapting to this cycle of change and speed, you shall be the one who manages the technology, not the one who demands it. The cloud-based flexibility of Next4biz has enabled us to manage our own technology. Read More
Büşra Dalgıç Korkmaz
CRM Manager

Based on previous negative experiences, we knew that a CRM software that did not rely on IT or a third-party technology provider would help MACFit become more agile, fast, and efficient. Since the beginning of our collaboration with Next4biz, our Member Services unit has been in charge of managing and adapting the CRM, and they have easily handled all types of application and process design. Read More
Serhat Göktepe
Chief Technology Officer

Next4biz enabled us to consolidate all of our business processes under a single roof. Within this process, it provided a great deal of flexibility by integrating with all of our other systems. Because we can now change Next4biz whenever we want, without relying on our in-house IT team. Read More
Okan Bandırma
Director Of Customer Relations

Next4biz has been completely integrated into our own panels and has proven imperative when it comes to saving time that can be more effectively allocated elsewhere. It allows us to perform all the functions for which IT support would be required, such as adding new areas or creating special reports, all on our own.
Eylül Eygi
Business Development Manager

It is the dynamism of Next4biz that is most effective. As we are constantly updating new fields of information, the ability to process them quickly without the need of IT support has allowed us a great sense of autonomy that we can instantly adapt to any design. Read More
Ebru Turhan Keskin
Customer Complaint Team Manager

We are completely independent, notifying the necessary channels in advance and using the platform to commission any changes in the process. This includes the arbitration of workflows and the modification of any parameters necessary.
Hande Canoğlu Korkmaz
Senior Consumer Insights Manager

Next4biz allows us to closely overlook social media, instantly integrating incoming notices with our internal process to evaluate them. It has also allowed us to design our internal processes all on our own.
Salih Karabulut
Service and Customer Retention Manager

With Next4biz we are allowed to follow up with our product, SLA, and do exactly what we need to do with no trouble relating to the documentation at all.
Serdar Demiroğlu
IT Security and Quality Director

Next4biz has enabled us to handle complaints and recommendations on an integrated level with total oversight of the processes of customer service.
Veysel Şanlı
Customer Service Director

Next4biz has enabled us to take care of our own integration, processes and reporting without a single case of outsourcing. Read More
Refia Işık Aydın
Ethics and Customer Director

We enjoy our independence in designing processes, with Next4biz’s notice management system allowing us to simultaneously manage our inventories and maintenance agreements.
Gökhan Uzun
Technical Service Department Director
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