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What Did Our Customers Achieve With next4biz?

Every business, factory, and product has its own infrastructure, systems, websites, and dozens of email addresses. It was a dream come true to combine all of these into a single platform. Next4biz is integrated into all of our systems and is used in all of our brands' customer service. Read More
Ali Sevinç
Customer Contact Center Senior Manager

1. Reduced IT dependency and cost in processes such as customer segmentation and reporting; 2. Increased speed in all of these processes. Read More
Savaş Sancak
CRM Manager

"First and above all, significant reductions in complaint rates were achieved. Our satisfaction and NPS scores have increased significantly across all channels. Savings in call centre costs were realized as the use of digital channels increased. Our average response time on social media channels has increased significantly. We started responding to 99% of Webchat and Whatsapp requests within 50 seconds. 80% of our customers who received service through the digital channel started to prefer it again. We also contributed to the turnover besides providing an easy shopping experience in various channels through our tele-sales and digital channel sales projects."
Gökhan Paçalı
Customer Service Manager

Following the transformation, which entails the end-to-end digitalization of customer experience management, insurance customers were able to conduct all policy transactions, claims and compensation transactions, and support requests via digital channels. Apart from increased efficiency and lower operational costs, we began to closely monitor the pulse of our insurance customers through NPS surveys conducted after each issue.
Barış İnan
Marketing and Customer Demand Management Director, Digital Channels Manager

The positive customer feedback was materialized in the positive reflections of the customer experience. The level of satisfaction, as reflected in the survey results, has also begun to be observed on social media and complaint sites. The volume of customer interaction traffic has increased. Despite the fact that there were unresolved or unanswered customer issues previously, everything received from the customer is now recorded, allowing us to manage without missing anything. The employee experience has undergone a remarkable transformation. We can now respond to twice as many customer issues in half the time it took us previously. As a result, efficiency increased dramatically. Read More
Büşra Dalgıç Korkmaz
CRM Manager

Communication failures, which were also reflected in social media, were quickly resolved. With the expansion of call centres, member issues from all social media channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, have begun to be managed much more effectively. We began to respond to all members by developing a quick solution. This was reflected significantly in the members' level of satisfaction. Read More
Serhat Göktepe
Chief Technology Officer

"The first and most important change that we implemented with Next4biz was to begin measuring our processes in real time. By involving all business units in this process, we began to manage our customers' requests and demands in a timely and solution-oriented manner. We developed new reports. We began to follow the customer's processes from start to finish. With the outputs obtained from the customer processes, we set new goals for ourselves. We began sharing our new metrics with our company. Our customers are together with us now as we draw the process of each job." Read More
Okan Bandırma
Director Of Customer Relations

Our target is to relay next4biz’s strategy upon each platform where our customers are present. Management complaints from each channel have become much easier to administer, which in large part is due to Next4biz’s flawless operation system as well as our own professional staff. In any case, Next4biz alleviates our workload through precisely reporting on issues received by our bank. Read More
Ebru Turhan Keskin
Complaint Management Team Manager

After operating the division system provided by Next4biz, we can now clearly distinguish when our VIP customers have any complaints or demands and can automatically prioritize said issues. We can now also initiate alarm systems for the quality of a product through the system. By doing so, it enables us to monitor complaints related to any faults in newly released models, thus speeding up the resolution process in the appropriate departments. The ability to proactively solve any issues before they amass or worsen is extremely advantageous to us. Read More
Zülfiye Akçiçek Coşkun
Customer Communication Center Manager

After a two-week trial period of Next4biz, we are now in a position to monitor all complaints due to their successful integration capacity, training and consultancy support as well as the easy use of the system. We can now efficiently manage all our products, without losing any data, through the ERP integration system which Next4biz provides.
Oya Karagöz
CRM Manager

Prior to Next4biz, we were having to form a customer log for each issue received from a customer; however, after applying next4biz’s system we can now successfully classify customer demands and complaints. Moreover, we can now also view the history of a customer with our company by simply accessing the database, which stores all previous encounters with our company. As such, we not only save time through this new process but also avoid having to log in a new customer every time we receive a demand or a complaint.
Eylül Eygi
Business Development Manager

Prior to Next4biz, we were managing our customer services via e-mail – we were replying to approximately 200-250 emails on a daily basis. As soon as we received an issue, all our staff were involved in some capacity, regardless of their status, thus causing unnecessary internal traffic. Nonetheless, we now have an astute hierarchical structure in place whereby all staff members’ views and replies to issues are directly related to their department. As a result, productivity levels have risen along with our business now operating under a securer systemic infrastructure.
Hande Canoğlu Korkmaz
Senior Consumer Insights Manager

Oriflame opted to use its own intercompany analysis alongside Next4biz’s solution process. We are glad to say that we did not encounter any problems at any point during the system transfer, the processes of planning the business or the development. We vastly benefit from the continuous development and uninterrupted communication abilities of the system. Read More
Nursel Kölemen
Customer Service Manager

Through using Next4biz, we are able to keep our customers in the loop regarding the status of their demand or complaint. As such, we are able to constantly monitor the relevant department and individual and every detail of the customer’s issue to ensure it is resolved as swiftly as possible. We have a system set in place which enables us to: define each problem, determine the workflow, assign the relevant department and member of staff, monitor the status and report any delay to a senior member of staff.
Salih Karabulut
Service and Customer Experience Manager

Using Next4biz has facilitated us to easily adapt to BDDK’s regulations and prepare their required forms. Next4biz is in complete accordance with our company’s information security rules.
Refia Işık Aydın
Ethics and Customer Manager

We can now provide a technological support service in a new sphere, with a new style, all thanks to next4biz. Now, when we receive a call, we attempt to resolve the issue at hand both promptly and in accordance with our internal system. Next4biz has granted us the competence to provide a flexible, easily integrated and reportable structure to all our customers. next4biz can measure the infrastructure of different types of customers in order for them to be managed from one single center.
Orçun Obalar
Sales and Marketing Manager

Next4biz has assisted us in managing all the many different demands received from our customers via their issue management process, which we effectively use to direct inventory management and maintenance contract scopes.
Gökhan Uzun
Egebimtes Technical Service Department Manager
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