Customer Relationship Management
Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketers aim to capture the attention of two different target profiles. And while there are many similarities between the types of marketing in general, driving prospects from each channel requires different communication approaches, in every aspect. ¬ View details
Collect customer data from different sources, check consistency, correctness and accuracy eliminate duplicates and integrate seamlessly with your applications. ¬ View details
One of the most important facts for today's marketers is how wrong it is to treat all customers in the customer database in the same way. In particular, one of the expectations from marketing automation is to give each customer the ability to design communication campaigns in a way that makes him / her feel unique. ¬ View details
You may know your customer’s gender, age, credit line, last 10 purchases. These are traditional information that reflects their physical appearance. ¬ View details
Design your sales cycle and run your sales funnel. Record meeting notes, phone calls, emails, send your proposals, contracts; track every activity including customers digital behaviours. ¬ View details
Customer Service Management
Omnichannel Customer Communication is one of the “must have” features of new contact center technology. This new concept allows your company to interact with your clients in any conditions. ¬ View details
Do you have total visibility into your organization's end-to-end processes? Are every departments, employees and stakeholders are involved in related processes? Can you measure and improve your procesess? next4biz provides all your business process management needs with full transparency and visibility into your business. ¬ View details
Artificial intelligence is taking over the call centers. Are you ready to transform customer interactions and improve engagement with the AI and learning engine features of next4biz? ¬ View details
Design required processes to resolve customer complaints, requests or to manage any business issue. If you can describe how the process should be, then you can design interfaces and the workflows by yourself using next4biz's easy to use tools. No coding, no technical support or no vendor consultancy. ¬ View details
What if your customers could find answers themselves, and you could reduce call center volume? Self service knowledge base management of next4biz can do that! ¬ View details
Business Process Management
next4biz is a low code platform that enables you to design your processes and forms by yourself. You don’t need to write codes or have any technical knowledge for the process development. You could design and execute the applications in minutes. next4biz low code platform also enables you to align with your business model changes rapidly. ¬ View details
Design your business processes in a guided framework without a technical knowledge. Next4biz provides wizards for data and workflow design. You can create your own reports and dashboards in seconds. You can test and simulate your changes in a design environment. ¬ View details
Rule Engine enables you to define action rules based on data values, user actions and states of workflows. It might be a change of a field value, calling a web service, applying a validation rule or just sending an e-mail. You can declare & manage all rules in the administration. ¬ View details
BPM is the core application for process management, besides to create a better value, integrating with the corporate applications should be taken into consideration. Most of the time the flow of a process may require the machine to machine interactions in order to complete a task. ¬ View details
Real-time measurement of service level accordance is an essential function for time-critical process management. It enables you to analyze your work performance and root causes of the problems. Service levels may be defined for whole process as well as the individual steps of a business flow. Next4biz will automatically inform you in case of delays. You can also configure escalation steps for managers to handle delayed tasks. ¬ View details
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